2-Sided Printing

[On], [Off]*

This parameter enables you to select one-sided or two-sided printing. When the 2-Sided Printing mode is specified, the document is printed on both sides of the paper.

Two-sided printing can use either the paper drawer or the stack bypass with the following sizes.
330 x 483 mm, 320 x 450 mm (SRA3), 305 x 457 mm, A3, A4, A4R, A5R, B4, B5, B5R, 13" x 19", 12 5/8" x 17 11/16", 12" x 18", 11" x 17", LGL, LTR, LTRR, EXEC, STMTR, and Custom Size (98.4 mm x 148 mm to 330.2 mm x 487.7 mm*1)
*1 When the Long Sheet Tray-B is attached, long sheet paper (210 x 487.8 mm to 330.2 x 762 mm) can be used.
Two-sided printing can use paper within the following range:
52 g/m2 to 350 g/m2
Two-sided printing cannot use the following paper types.
Transparency, Clear Film, Labels, Tab Paper, and Envelope
When printing on letterhead paper, or paper with a logo (such as a cover sheet), please note the following:
If the paper is fed from a paper drawer, the printing surface should be face down.
If the paper is fed from the stack bypass or the paper deck, the printing surface should be face up.