Specifying Network Settings from the Touch Panel Display

The network settings for the machine can be specified by pressing on the control panel, and logging in as the administrator using the touch panel display. For information on the types of administrators, see "Параметры администратора."
Specify the settings in [Network] in [Preferences] to suit your network environment. The following screen shots show the flow of operations for specifying the network settings.
To move up one level, press [Up].

Settings specified from the control panel become effective after the machine is restarted. For instructions on turning ON/OFF the machine, see "Клавиша основного питания и режима энергосбережения."
System Manager Information (System Manager ID/System PIN) is set by default in the machine. Administrators are required to enter a System Manager ID and System PIN to log in. The default settings for the System Manager ID and System PIN are both "7654321." These should be changed to more suitable values. For more information on the System Manager ID and System PIN, see "Последовательность операций для администраторов ."