Setting Up a Computer for Printing

After you have completed the machine protocol settings, install the printer driver on the macOS that will do the printing, and then make the settings for the print destination.

If you want to use a PS printer driver provided by Apple Inc. with the macOS (Mac OS 9/Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later)

1. Installation of the PPD file
See the manual provided with the driver.
2. Print settings
Set the machine as the print destination.
3. Selection of the printer name
In the macOS printer screen, select the printer to which the print mode you want to use is applied. The name of the printer is displayed in the macOS printer screen as follows ("xxx" indicates the name of the printer entered in [Service Name] in "Protocol Settings.")
[xxx_D]: the print job is printed without spooling to the hard disk of the machine.
[xxx_S]: the print job is printed after it has been spooled to the hard disk of the machine.

Depending on the machine you are using, you may have to use optional equipment to print via an AppleTalk network. For information on the optional products required, see "Optional Equipment and System Requirements."