Staple Finisher-Z

Installing "Staple Finisher-Z" enables you to use the following finish functions.
The printouts are collated into sets arranged in page order of the original.
All printouts of the same original page are grouped together into sets.
Each printout group is shifted in alternating layers.
Staple + Collate
The printouts are collated into sets arranged in page order and stapled (Corner).

Output tray

The prints are output to this tray.

Front cover

Open to remove jammed paper, clear a staple jam in the stapler unit, or replace the staple cartridge.

Buffer Pass Unit

Open to remove jammed paper.
Selecting the Staple Position
For information on the paper sizes that can be used for Staple, see Hardware Specifications.
To replace the staple cartridge of the stapler unit, see Replacing the Staples (Optional).
For how to clear a paper jam or a staple jam, see Clearing Paper Jams and Clearing Staple Jams (Optional).
Once the output tray reaches its stacking limit while going down or reaches the lower end of travel, printing is suspended. Remove all of the output paper from the tray to resume printing.
Collate and group
If you select <Offset> in combination with the collate or group function, each printout group is shifted.
When you are using the Staple mode, do not remove the stack of paper from the output tray during the job. Remove the stack of paper when the job has been completed.
If the <Load staples into the stapler unit.> message appears, almost all of the staples have been used. To proceed, replace the staple cartridge.