Sending Separately Scanned Documents Together (Job Build)

Even if you have too many originals to be placed in the feeder at the same time, you can scan the originals separately and send them as a batch of documents. Documents scanned with both the feeder and the platen glass can also be sent at the same time.
Place the first original. Placing Originals
Press <Fax>. <Main Menu> Screen
Specify the destination on the Fax Basic Features screen. Fax Basic Features Screen
Specify the scan settings as necessary. Basic Operations for Sending Faxes
Press <Options>  <Job Build>  <Close>.
Press  (Start) to scan the original.
When scanning is complete, the screen appears prompting you to scan the next original.
If you place your originals in the feeder, remove the originals from the original output area when the scanning of each batch is complete.
Place the next original and press  (Start).
Repeat this step until you finish scanning all of the originals.
To change the scan settings, press <Change Settings>.
The following functions can be used in <Change Settings>. You cannot change the setting for the other functions while in the Job Build mode. You need to specify the necessary scan settings in advance.
<Scan Size>
<Original Type>
Press <Start Sending>.
All scanned documents are combined into one and sent to the specified destination.