Registering Multiple Destinations as a Group

Multiple destinations registered in the Address Book(Registering Destinations in the Address Book) can be combined into a group. You can use this feature to send documents and back up data at the same time because different types of destinations can be registered in the same group. For example, you can register e-mail addresses and file server IP addresses together in one group, or fax numbers and I-fax addresses in another one.
To register a group that contains destinations for your own use, you need to log into the machine. Logging into the Machine
You cannot register new destinations in a group address. Register destinations in the Address Book in advance.
Only destinations in the same address list can be grouped. Destinations registered in a different address list cannot be grouped.
You can register up to 256 destinations in a group address.
Since each address entry is treated as a single entry, if you register a fax number in a group address, the fax number and group address entry are counted as two separate entries.
Press <Dest./Fwd. Settings>. <Home> Screen
 Press <Register Destinations>.
Press <Register New Destination>.
Press <Group>.
Press <Name>  enter the group name, and press <OK>.
Select the address list.
You can create a group from the destinations registered in the selected address list. For example, if you select <Address List 2>, you cannot add a destination registered in <Address List 1> to the group. The created group is registered in the address list you select in this step.
If you want to register a group that contains destinations for your own use, select <Personal Address List>.
If you want to register destinations in a group which only an administrator can edit, select <Address List for Admin.>.
Select the destinations you want to include in the group.
When you select <Add from Address Book>
Press <OK>  <Close>.
When destinations are managed by access numbers, enter the access number (Restricting Access to Destinations Registered in the Address Book) after pressing <Next> in step 8.
If you try to send to a file server in which <Confirm Before Sending> is set to <On>, a screen appears prompting you to enter a user name and password. In this case, enter the previously set password. If you want to register a file server in a group address, set <Confirm Before Sending> to <Off>. You cannot send to a group address including a file server in which <Confirm Before Sending> is set to <On>.