Cannot Print

Check This First

Is the Processing/Data indicator (on the control panel) flashing or lit?

If it is flashing or lit, there is a document that is being processed or waiting to be processed. Wait for the processing to finish or select the document that you want to prioritize from the screen for checking the printing status.
Checking the Printing Status and History
Printing Documents Retained in the Machine (Forced Hold Printing)

Is a message displayed on the touch panel display?

A message is displayed on the touch panel display when an error or a problem occurs while operating the machine.
A Message or a Number Starting with "#" (an Error Code) Is Displayed

Is <Auto Select> set to <No>?

To switch to the appropriate operation mode, change all items or the items you are using to <Yes>. For more details, see Setting the Machine (PS/PCL/UFR II Printer) via the online manual site.

Is forced hold printing enabled?

If it is enabled, documents may not be printed, depending on their settings.
Configuring the Forced Hold Printing Settings

Are you printing via a print server using the LPR command?

When continuously printing PDF data using the LPR command, execute one job at a time at the interval set in <Timeout>. For more details, see Setting the Machine (PS/PCL/UFR II Printer) via the online manual site.