Launching and Closing SMS

Log in is required to use SMS.

 Before Launching SMS (Preparation)

 Launching SMS (Log in)

 Closing SMS (Logging Out)

Web Browser Settings
The following settings are required.
JavaScript must be enabled
The use of session cookies must be enabled
When a proxy server is used, using the proxy server settings of your Web browser, add the IP address of the printer to the [Exceptions] (addresses that do not use a proxy) list.
Since settings differ depending on the network environment, consult with your network administrator.
Launching SMS
Multiple users cannot log in to SMS at the same time.
Automatic SMS Logout
While SMS is in use, if it is not accessed for approximately five minutes or more it times out and the user is automatically logged out. If that happens, log in again from the [Login] page.
Do not use the Web browser's [Back] navigation button
If you use the Web browser's [Back] navigation button, SMS may not operate properly.

SMS System Environment

SMS operation is guaranteed in the following system environments.
Web Browsers
Internet Explorer 7 or later
Safari 4.0.5 or later
Operating system
Windows Vista SP2
Windows 7 SP1
Windows 8
Windows 10
Mac OS X v 10.5 or later