Installing MEAP Applications

Before starting the following operation, see "Attention (Installing MEAP Applications)."
Start SMS (Service Management Service).
Click [Install MEAP Application].
Set [Application File Path] and [License File Path].
Either select the file by clicking [Browse...], or enter the location where the file is stored.
[Application File Path]
Specify a file with a "jar" extension.
[License File Path]
Specify a file with a "lic" extension.
Click [Install].
Confirm the information on the install confirmation page, and then click [Yes].
When the [License Agreement] appears, confirm the information, and then click [I Accept].
The installation begins.
<Information Displayed on the Install Confirmation Page>
If you are installing a new application
[Application Information]
Information about the application
[License Information]
The expiration date of the application
If you are updating an application
[Application Information]
[Current Application Information]
Information about the current application
[Application Information after Overwrite]
Application information after overwrite
[License Information]
[Expires after]
The expiration date of the targeted application
[Current Counter Usage Limit]
Current counter information
[Counter Usage Limit after Overwrite]
Counter information after overwrite
If the install is cancelled
If the shutdown process for the printer starts while an application is being installed, an error message may be displayed on the [Install] page for SMS, and the installation cancelled. If this happens, install the application again after restarting the printer by turning the main power switch OFF and then back ON again.
After the install is completed, click [To MEAP Application Management].
When using the installed application
Start the application.