Search Method

Entering a character string in [Search] on the top page or in the [Keyword] text box on the search panel and then clicking [  ] displays the search results.
The AND search is available in this guide so you can refine the search results by entering two or more keywords. When entering keywords, enter a space between the keywords.
Example: Adding License (if you want to display pages which include words, "Adding" and "License")
Search result
The search results for a keyword are displayed.
If there are more than 10 search results, you can see the other results by clicking [  ], [  ], or the number which is located below the result.
[Search options]
Click to display the search options.
The search options can be used to specify the chapter to search, case sensitivity, and whether to differentiate between one- and two-byte characters.
Click [Search with these conditions] to search with the specified conditions.