Viewing This Guide

Symbols Used in This Guide

The following symbols are used in this Guide to mark descriptions of handling restrictions, precautions, and instructions that should be observed for your safety.
Indicates operational requirements and restrictions. Be sure to read these items carefully to operate the machine correctly, and avoid damage to the machine or property.
Indicates a clarification of an operation, or contains additional explanations for a procedure. Reading these notes is highly recommended.

Keys and Buttons Used in This Guide

The following are examples of how control panel keys and on-screen buttons are depicted in this guide.
Depiction in This Guide
Control panel keys
[Key name] keys
[Network] key
Settings displayed on the control panel
<Setting name shown in the display>
Buttons on computer operation screen and so on
[Button name and so on]

Screenshots Used in This Guide

The contents of the screenshots used in this guide are the default settings.
Depending on the system configuration, the contents of the screenshots may partly differ.