The display shows the printing status and the screens for specifying settings. It also shows error messages and toner cartridge status.
Main Screen

Status indication

Displays the current status or operation mode of the machine.

Paper size indication

Displays the currently selected paper size.
The following paper sizes are shown in an abbreviated form.
Legal: LG
Statement: ST
Executive: EX
Foolscap: FC
Index Card: IC
Indian Legal: ILG
Postcard: PD
Reply Postcard: P2
4 on 1 Postcard: P4
Envelope NAGAGATA 3: N3
Envelope No. 10 (COM10): CO
Envelope Monarch: MO
Envelope ISO-C5: EC5
Envelope DL: DL
Free Size: FR
Custom Paper Size Landscape: 80
Custom Paper Size Portrait: 80R

Toner cartridge status indication

Displays the status of toner cartridges.
Menu Screen
Press  (), (), (), (), or () to display the corresponding menu screen. The screen displayed when  () is pressed is shown below as an example.
When an Error Occurs
In some cases when an error occurs, instructions on how to respond to the error are displayed. Follow the on-screen instructions to solve the problem. The screen displayed when a paper jam occurs is shown below as an example. For more information about the displayed messages, see "Troubleshooting (FAQ)" on the online manual website.