Setting a Name or PIN to a Box

You can set a name for a box and a PIN to open the box. If you set a friendly name for the box, you can easily identify the box when selecting the place to store documents by using the printer driver. If you set a PIN, the stored documents can be accessed by only limited users, enhancing the security.
Start the Remote UI and log on in Management Mode. Starting Remote UI
Click [Box].
Click the number of the box for which you want to specify the settings.
If the box is protected by a PIN
When the screen shown below is displayed, enter the PIN and click [OK].
Set a name and PIN.
[Box Name]
To set a name for the box, enter the necessary characters.
[Set PIN]
To set a PIN, select the [Set PIN] check box and enter a number for the PIN in the [PIN] text box. For confirmation, enter the same number in the [Confirm] text box.
You cannot use "0" as the first digit of the PIN. A number with "0" removed from the first digit will be set as the PIN.
Click [OK].