Restrictions When Connecting to imagePRESS Server

This section describes the new functions that have been added.

Functions Restricted When Connecting to imagePRESS Server

Wireless LAN (including the sub line)
Wired LAN (sub line)
Setup Guide
Connected Sleep
Forced Hold Printing
Encrypted Secure Print
Direct Print
Direct Print (JPEG)
WSD Scan
NFC function
Hold function
Even if <RX Timeout> is set for each item in   <Preferences>  <Network> <TCP/IP Settings>, a timeout always occurs in 5 minutes.
In   <Preferences>  <Timer/Energy Settings>, <Quick Startup Settings for Main Power> is disabled even if it is set to <On>.
Even if <Forced Print of Recognition Information> in   <Function Settings> <Common>  <Print Settings> is set to <On>, the IP address is not printed.