Sending Files in the Mail Box

You can send files in the Mail Box, or save them in a file server.
Sending may not be able to be performed, depending on the saved document.
Press <Access Stored Files>.
For more information, see "<Home> Screen" in the User's Guide.
Press <Mail Box>.
Select the desired box.
For information on the screen display and operation method, see "Editing Files in the Mail Box" in the User's Guide.
Select a file and press <Send>.
Specify the destination and the settings for sending as necessary.
For more information, see the following in the User's Guide. However, some settings that cannot be specified in this procedure are included.
To delete the selected file after sending, press <Delete File After Sending>.
Press <Start Sending>.
The selected file is sent to the specified destination.
To cancel sending, press   <Send>  <Job Status>  select a file  press <Cancel>.