Operation Panel

This section describes about names and uses of the keys on the operation panel.


You can view the progress of the machine and error statuses. The display is also a touch panel, so you can specify settings by touching the screen directly.
Basic Screens
Basic Operation

Sound Volume key

Press to adjust volume. Setting Sounds

Energy Saver key

Press to put the machine into sleep mode. The key lights up green when the machine is in sleep mode. Press the key again to exit sleep mode. Entering Sleep Mode

Data indicator

Blinks while operations such as sending or printing are being performed. Lights up when there are documents waiting to be processed.

Error indicator

Blinks or lights up when an error such as a paper jam occurs

Home key

Press to display the Home screen, which provides access to the setting menu and functions such as copy and scan.
Home Screen
Customizing the Home Screen

Stop key

Press to cancel printing and other operations.