Specifying Paper Size and Type in the Paper Drawer

Select <Paper Settings> in the Home screen. Home Screen
Check the paper size and type that is displayed.
When loading standard size paper, the paper size is automatically detected. If both paper size and paper type are correct, the following operation is not necessary.
 and  are displayed only when the optional cassette feeding unit is installed.
If the displayed paper size is different from the loaded paper size, the paper may not be loaded properly. Load the paper again.
Select the target paper drawer.
Select paper size.
When setting the standard size paper type
When loading custom size paper
When loading envelopes
Change the paper size label of the paper drawer as necessary.
Attach the paper size label at the same height as the cassette number indicator, and approximately 1/4" (5 mm) to the left.
* Approximately 1/4" (5 mm)
Note that the paper size label may include paper sizes which are unavailable on the machine.