Specifying Paper Size and Type in the Multi-Purpose Tray

The screen shown here is displayed when paper is loaded in the multi-purpose tray. Follow the on-screen instructions to specify settings that match the size and type of the loaded paper.
Paper settings on the machine
If <Prioritize Driver Settings When Printing> is set to <On>, printer driver settings are prioritized when the multi-purpose tray is specified as the paper source for jobs from the printer driver. <Prioritize Driver Settings When Printing>
If the screen shown above is not displayed when paper is loaded
If you always load the same paper in the multi-purpose tray, you can skip the paper setting operations by registering the paper size and type as the default setting. When the default setting is registered, however, the screen shown above is not displayed. To display the screen, select <Specify When Loading Paper> (Fixing the Paper Size and Type To Use with the Multi-Purpose Tray).
When only changing the paper type
Follow step 2 and the following steps.
Select the paper size.
By registering "Favorite Paper", the registered paper settings can be easily recalled from <Favorite Paper>. Registering Favorite Paper Size and Type for the Multi-Purpose Tray
When loading standard size paper
When loading custom size paper
When loading envelope
Select <Change Ppr. Type>.
Select paper type.
Select <Apply>.