Turning OFF the Machine

This section describes how to turn OFF the machine.
Check the machine's operation status before turning it OFF
Do not turn OFF the machine while using the Fax/I-fax function. I-fax or fax documents cannot be sent or received when the machine is turned OFF.
If the machine is turned OFF during scanning or printing, a paper jam may occur.
When removing the power plug
It may take a while for the power to turn OFF completely. Do not remove the power plug until the display and lamps turn OFF.
Open the power switch cover and press the power switch toward "".
Check that the display and lamps are turned OFF.
Close the power switch cover.
To restart the machine, wait for at least 10 seconds after the system is turned off.
You can specify the time for each day of the week and configure a setting to automatically turn OFF the machine. Powering OFF at a Fixed Time