Control Panel

This section describes the names and usage of the keys on the control panel.

Touch panel display

In addition to the settings screen for each function, the error status is also shown on this display. Using the Touch Panel Display

Lamp displays

The display consists of the following three lamps, from left to right.
Processing/Data indicator
Blinks while operations such as sending or printing are being performed. Lights up green when there are documents waiting to be processed.
Error indicator
Blinks or lights up when an error such as a paper jam occurs.
If the Error indicator blinks, follow the instructions that appear on the touch panel display.
Clearing Paper Jams
Clearing Staple Jams (Optional)
If the Error indicator maintains a steady red light, contact your local authorized Canon dealer.
Main Power indicator
Lights up when the machine is turned ON. Turning ON the Machine

Adjusting the Angle of the Touch Panel Display