Printing Lists

You can print a list of files stored in a mail box.
Press (Main Menu) → [Access Stored Files].
Select the desired Mail Box → press [Print List].
Even if you sort the list of stored files by pressing [Name] or [Date/Time], the list of files will be printed in the order that the files were stored in the mail box.
Press [Yes].

Lists can be printed only if 11" x 17", LGL, LTR, or LTRR paper (plain, recycled, thin, or color) is loaded in a paper source that is set to 'On' in [Other] in [Paper Drawer Auto Selection On/Off] in [Function Settings] (Settings/Registration). However, if [Consider Paper Type] for [Copy] is set to 'On' in [Paper Drawer Auto Selection On/Off], you cannot print from a paper source with color paper specified. (See "Enabling Paper Drawer Auto Selection.")
The following information is printed: mail box number, type of file, file name, paper size, number of pages, user name, and date and time.