Platen Glass

You should use the platen glass when copying bound originals (such as books and magazines), heavy or lightweight originals, and transparencies. You should also place originals onto the platen glass when you want to copy an 11" x 17" original with an image that extends all the way to the edges without the periphery of the original being cut off.
Open the feeder.
* Sensor
This machine is equipped with an open/close sensor of the feeder (see circled area in the above illustration). When placing originals on the platen glass, lift the feeder approximately 11 7/8" (300 mm) so that the sensor detaches from the feeder. If the sensor does not detach from the feeder, the size of the originals may not be detected correctly.
Place your originals face down.
The surface of the original that you want to copy must be placed face down. Align the top edge of your original with the back edge of the platen glass (by the arrow in the top left corner).
Place books and other bound originals on the platen glass in the same way.
When you are enlarging an LTR or STMT original onto 11" x 17" or LGL paper, place the original horizontally on the platen glass, and align it with the LTRR or STMTR marks.
Gently close the feeder.
Close the feeder gently to avoid catching your hands, as this may result in personal injury.
Do not press down hard on the feeder when using the platen glass to make copies of thick books. Doing so may damage the platen glass and result in personal injury.
Be aware that the light emitted from the platen glass may be very bright when closing the feeder.
If you are placing the original on the platen glass, the machine detects the size of the original after the feeder is closed. Be sure to close the feeder before copying.
Remove the original from the platen glass when scanning is complete.
If the size of the original is not detected, press (Start) → follow the instructions on the screen to specify the original size. You can also manually select the paper size.

The machine automatically detects the size of the following originals: 11" x 17", LGL, LTR, LTRR, STMT, and STMTR.