Other Useful Functions

This section describes other useful functions of the machine.

Auto Drawer Switching

If a paper deck runs out of paper during printing, the machine automatically locates another paper deck loaded with the same size paper, and begins feeding paper from that paper deck.

Auto Reset

If the machine is not used for a specified period of time after the last print job or key operation is performed, the job settings are canceled and touch panel display automatically returns to the screen set in [Default Screen after Startup/Restoration].

Number of Copies/Job Duration Status Display

If you set [No. of Copies/Job Duration Status] to 'On' in [Preferences] (Settings/Registration), the number of copies specified and the approximate time before the current job completes are displayed on the bottom line of the touch panel display.

Paper Supply Indicator

The paper supply indicator shows the remaining amount of paper in each paper deck on the Paper Select screen, and on the screen that appears when paper in a paper deck has run out during printing.
The Paper Select Screen
*Paper Supply Indicator
Display When Paper Has Run Out
*Paper Supply Indicator
There are four different paper supply indicators, as shown below:
Remaining Paper
Paper deck is approximately 50% to 100% full.
Paper deck is approximately 25% to 50% full.
Paper deck is less than 25% full.
Paper deck is empty.

Auto Orientation

Setting this mode enables the machine to use information such as the size of the original and the zoom ratio to determine the most suitable orientation for the specified paper size. The machine then automatically rotates the image if necessary.
If the image does not fit onto the paper after it is rotated, the machine will not rotate the image, and will print it as is, with part of the image cut off.

You can set whether a paper deck is subject to automatic paper drawer switching for each function. The default setting is 'On'. (See "Enabling Paper Drawer Auto Selection.")
You can set the Auto Reset Time from 0 to 50 seconds in 10 second increments and 1 to 9 minutes in one minute increments. The default setting is '2' minutes. (See "Auto Reset Time.")
The approximate time does not appear when the wait time is less than one minute. (See "Number of Copies/Wait Time Status Display.")