Changing the Finisher Output Priority Settings (Thin)

When Thin paper 2 is used, you can give a priority to productivity or alignment for the output paper.
This mode can be set when the Finisher-AN or Saddle Finisher-AN is attached. (See "Finisher-AN/Saddle Finisher-AN/Puncher Unit-BS/Puncher Unit-BT.")
Press (Settings/Registration).
Press [Adjustment/Maintenance] → [Adjust Action] → [Finisher Output Priority Settings (Thin)].
Select [Productivity Priority] or [Alignment Priority] → press [OK].
Details of each item are shown below:
[Productivity Priority]
This mode gives a priority to productivity. The output paper may not be aligned.
[Alignment Priority]
As a priority is given to aligning the output paper, the production speed decreases compared with [Productivity Priority] mode.
[Alignment Priority] is available only when outputting on Tray B of a finisher.