Loading All Settings Information (Import All)

You can import the device information saved with the Export All function.
The Import All function is also enabled for another machine, regardless of the model.
For more information on the conditions of Import All function, see "Available Settings Information Table with the Import All Function."
If you import the Department ID Management Settings when using Import All function, system manager information settings such as an ID or password are overwritten. Check the system manager information of the machine for exporting before using Exporti All function, as it is required when logging in to the destination machine for importing.
The Import All function is not available in the following situations:
Executing/waiting any jobs (sending, forwarding, receiving i-fax, printing reports, functions specified by the Delayed Send mode)
During an Import/Export Individually operation
Viewing the address book using the Remote UI from another imagePRESS series
Delivering the device information
While error is occurring
Backing up inbox data

Click [Settings/Registration] → select [Data Management] for <Management Settings>.
Click [Import] for <Import/Export All>.
Click [Browse] → specify the location of the file to load.
Enter the password in [Decryption Password] to import the encrypted file.
Click [Start Importing].

The machine must be restarted to enable the imported settings. After importing, the Remote UI cannot be used to perform other operations until the machine is restarted. Turn OFF the main power of the machine, and turn the main power back ON again. (See "Main Power and Energy Saver Key.")
Do not import any files while the machine is executing other jobs.
For instructions on turning ON/OFF the machine, see "Before You Start Using This Machine."