Registering a Group Address

The Group Address feature enables you to create a group. You can register different types of destinations (such as e-mail, I-fax, file server, or mail box destinations) as a single group.
You can register up to 256 destinations in a group address.
If you want to create a group address, the destinations to register (such as e-mail addresses and file server addresses) must be stored beforehand.

Press (Main Menu) → [Scan and Send] → [Address Book].
Press [Register /Edit].
Press [Register New Dest.].
Select [Group].
Press [Name].
Enter a name for the group address → press [OK].
The first character that you enter for the name is used for sorting the destination list when you press keys, such as [ABC], [DEF], and [GHI], on the Address Book screen. If [Search by Name] is pressed on the Address Book screen, a screen for narrowing the search in the Address Book appears.
Press the drop-down list → select an address list from Address List 1 to 10.
Address lists are a convenient way to classify destinations.
Press [Add from Address Book].
To store destinations in a group address, the destinations must be stored in the address list that contains the group address.
If you select [Store in Mail Box], select the mail box → press [OK]. You can register only one mail box in a group address.
Select the destinations → press [OK].
You can select a destination and press [Details] to confirm the detailed information for the destination. Press [OK] to return to the previous screen.
To cancel a selected destination, select the destination again.
For instructions on searching for registered destinations, see "Address Book Screen."
To delete a destination, select the destination to delete → press [Delete].
Press [OK].
If you are managing Address Book access numbers, perform the procedure in step 11 of "Registering an E-Mail Address."
Press [Close] → [OK].

If you want to store a group address, you can only select destinations registered in the same Address List.
If you want to register a file server in a group address, set [Confirm Before Sending] to 'Off'. You cannot send to a group address including a file server in which the Enter Password Each Time setting is set to 'On'. (See "Registering a File Server Address.")