Using Destination of Send Jobs

Destination which is already used for Send jobs can be selected from the job log. This mode is useful when you specify the used destination for a new send job, or register the destination to the address list and one-touch button.
Press (Status Monitor/Cancel).
Press [Job] → [Job Log] → select [Send] from the drop-down list.
Select a job you want to use the destination → select the desired operation.
You can select the following operations.
[Specify as Send Dest.]:
Displays a screen in which the address of the selected job is entered. Check the address → press [OK] to display the Send screen.
[Register Destinations]:
Registers the selected job as the destination. Select [Address Book] or [One-Touch] to display the Settings/Registration screen. (See "Register Destinations" or "Registering One-Touch Buttons.") If [Address Book PIN] is set in [Set Destination] (Settings/Registration), a screen appears prompting you to enter the password. (See "Setting the Address Book.")
Press [Close].