Copy Set Numbering

This mode enables you to print a five-digit copy set number in transparent characters on prints.
You can manually set the start number for printing copy set numbers.

Press → [Access Stored Files].
Select the desired Mail Box → select the desired file → press [Print].
Press [Change Print Settings].
Press [Options] → [Copy Set Numbering].
Set the image orientation and print position.
[Upright Image]:
Prints the image upright on the paper.
[Sideways Image]:
Prints the image sideways on the paper.
Upright Image
Sideways Image
Press [Full Surface] to print the copy set number repeatedly over the surface of the output.
Press [Numbers in 5 Locations] to select all five print positions.
If you set <Number Option> to 'On' in [Copy Set Numbering Option Settings], [Full Surface] and [Numbers in 5 Locations] are grayed out and cannot be selected. (See "Copy Set Numbering Options.")
If you set any two of [Page Numbering], [Watermark], or [Print Date] to print in the same position, a confirmation message appears when you press .
You can press [Set Details] to adjust the printing position.
To adjust the printing position, press [X] or [Y] → adjust the printing position with [-] or [+] → press [OK].
Specify the print settings for the copy set numbers.
Press the <Size> drop-down list → select the size of the copy set numbers.
If you set <Number Option> to 'On' in [Copy Set Numbering Option Settings], you can set the copy set number size to [10.5 pt], [12.0 pt], or [14.0 pt]. (See "Copy Set Numbering Options.")
Press the <Color> drop-down list → select the color of the page numbers.
Press [Light] or [Dark] for <Density> to adjust the density.
Enter the starting number using - (numeric keys).
Press [OK] → [Close].

Printing performance may not be optimal, depending on the file content and combination of settings.
If you use [Copy Set Numbering] with [Add Cover], [Insert Sheets], or [Job Separator], the watermark will not be printed on the inserted pages.
The Copy Set Numbering mode cannot be used with files including images with resolutions of less than 600 x 600 dpi.
If the copy set number has fewer than five digits, the machine prints it as follows:
Example: If the copy set number is 10, "00010" is printed.