Color Cast Correction

You can remove the color cast of any color that appears on a white background during printing or copying.
This function is displayed only if the settings are made available by your local authorized Canon dealer. Even if this function is displayed, do not allow anyone to change the settings except for the system manager. For more information on changing the settings, contact your local authorized Canon dealer.

Press .
Press [Adjustment/Maintenance] → [Adjust Image Quality] → [Correct Color Cast].
Select the color of which a color cast occurs → press [+] to adjust.
When you set a positive value [+], the color cast will be removed, but the following problems may occur.
- Color fading occurs at the tail end of the output image.
- Glossy grains occur.
- Fine lines are printed more fine.
If you set to a negative value [-] when these problems occur, these may be improved.
If the color cast is not removed even if you enter '+2' as the setting value, contact your local authorized Canon dealer.
Press [OK].
Perform the automatic gradation adjustment.
For more information on the automatic gradation adjustment, see "Automatic Gradation Adjustment."
After changing the settings, make sure to perform the automatic gradation adjustment first, and then perform the color balance adjustment as the color balance may become unstable.