Adjusting the Image Sharpness

You can adjust the sharpness to copy text and lines with a sharper contrast. You can also reduce the sharpness for the half-tone dots of printed photos, etc. to copy with a softer image.
If you copy an original containing halftones, such as a printed image, the moiré effect (a shimmering, wavy pattern) may occur. Use [Low] to lessen this effect and produce a clearer copy.
Low Set
Low Not Set
This setting enhances the edges of original images so that faint or fine text is reproduced with a sharper contrast. This setting is particularly suited to scanning and copying blueprints and faint, pencil drawn images.
High Set
High Not Set
Press → [Copy].
Press [Options] → [Sharpness].
Press [Low] or [High] to adjust the sharpness for the Text and Photo/Image areas.
To copy text or lines clearly, the setting should be towards [High] for the Text area. To copy originals containing printed photographs or other halftones, the setting should be towards [Low] for the Photo/Image area.
Press [OK] → [Close].