Device Status and Information Display

You can use the Remote UI (User Interface) to check the machine's current status, such as the amount of paper remaining in the various paper sources, and to check for any errors. You can also obtain information on the machine's system manager, the location where the machine is installed, and the machine's protocol settings.
Click [Status Monitor/Cancel] → click the item that you want to confirm.
Details of each item are shown below.
Error Information:
Displays any error messages.
Displays the remaining amount of paper in the various paper sources and the remaining amount of consumables.
Device Features:
Displays the optional equipment (such as the finisher) that is attached to the machine and the functions that are available with the current system configuration.
Device Information:
Displays information related to the machine, such as information regarding the administrator and the location where the machine is installed.
Check Counter:
Displays the total number of pages that have been output for printing, copying, and sending job printing.