Saving All Settings Information to a Computer (Export All)

The Remote UI enables you to select and save (export) the settings information. You can also select and save the specific items or save all items as one item.
Furthermore, you can import all settings information saved with the Export All function to another machine, regardless of the model.
If you import the Department ID Management Settings when using the Import All function, system manager information settings such as an ID or password are overwritten. Check the system manager information of the machine for exporting before using the Export All function, as it is required when logging in to the destination machine for importing.
The Export All function is not available in the following situations:
Executing/waiting any jobs (sending, forwarding, receiving i-fax, printing reports, functions specified by the Delayed Send mode)
During an Import/Export Individually operation
Viewing the address book using the Remote UI from another imagePRESS series
Delivering the device information
While error is occurring
Backing up inbox data

Click [Settings/Registration] → select [Data Management] for <Management Settings>.
Click [Export] for <Import/Export All>.
Select items to export.
If you export only specific item, connection of the settings information to the multiple items may be lost and the settings may be replaced. To maintain the settings, select all relevant items and export together with the specific item.
Examples of settings information related to the multiple items are shown below.
Destination in [Address Book]:
Forwarding Settings in [Forwarding Settings], URL Send in [Box Settings], Destination and Job Done Notice in [Favorite Settings], Destination in [Quick Menu Settings]
Enter the password in [Encryption Password].
Click [Start Exporting].
Click [Check Status].
Check the import/export results.
The latest import/export results are displayed.
The Import/Export Results screen cannot be displayed until exporting is complete.
If you click [Start Downloading], you can download the export files.
You can also check the latest import/export results by pressing [Data Management] for <Management Settings> → [Import/Export Results].

During the Export All operation, the Remote UI cannot be used to perform operations (Status Monitor/Cancel, Settings/Registration, Access Received/Stored Files, Address Book).
Do not export any files while the machine is executing other jobs.