Device Management

You can store the device information or refer/output the log for previous transmission. Also, various functions are available on this machine by connecting to external device. In addition, the administrator can set restrictions on the usage of those functions.
Device Information Delivery
If multiple machines are connected via the shared network, you can deliver the device information (management data) stored on the host machine to other client machines. The client machine receives and updates the device information. This enables you to easily manage multiple machines at the same time. (See "Specifying Device Information Delivery Settings.")
Report Settings
The machine stores and manages jobs such as copy/send and transmission of the device information delivery as a log. From the Report Settings, you can output the log as a report or set so that the report is automatically output. (See "Checking/Printing the Communication Log.")
Remote UI Settings
You can use TLS communication when setting and operating the machine using the Remote UI. (See "Remote UI.")
The administrator can also perform operations that cannot be performed from the control panel, using the Remote UI. The following are examples of such operations:
Restarting the machine
Installing a CA certificate file
Managing (exporting/clearing) the audit log
Importing/exporting an Address List or Settings/Registration
Backing up/restoring Mail Box data
For information on detailed Remote UI operations and the settings available with administrator privileges on the Remote UI, see "Remote UI."