Registering the Unit's Name for E-Mail/I-Fax

You can register the unit name for e-mail and I-fax documents.
Your name or company name must be registered as the unit name (a department name is optional).
The registered unit name is used as the display name for e-mail address and displayed as "unit name <e-mail address>."
Press .
Press [Function Settings] → [Send] → [E-Mail/I-Fax Settings].
Press [Register Unit Name].
Enter a name → press [OK].
You can enter up to 24 characters for the unit name.
If only ASCII characters are used for the unit name, the unit name which is enclosed in double quotes is displayed in the From field on the e-mail/I-fax recipient's machine. If characters other than ASCII characters are used, the unit name will not be enclosed in double quotes.

If you set [Set Authentication User Dest. to Sender] in [Function Settings] (Settings/Registration) to 'On', the e-mail address registered for the login user is displayed as the sender's name in the From field for the recipient, if Department ID management is used. If you set this mode to 'Off', the address registered in the Device Information settings is displayed instead.
For instructions on registering your machine's e-mail address, see "Registering an E-Mail Address."