Shift Tray-F

Paper Size/Weight/Type
Paper Sizes
Paper available for the Main Unit (Supported Paper Sizes)*
Paper Weight
52 g/m² to 256 g/m²
Paper Type
Paper available for the Main Unit (Supported Paper Types)
Paper Capacity
Straight delivery
250 sheets (80 g/m²)
250 sheets (64 g/m²)
Sift delivery
500 sheets (80 g/m² / 64 g/m²)
(W x D x H)
486 mm x 547 mm x 256 mm (When the auxiliary tray is extended)
Approximately 4.2 kg
Installation Space Including the Main Unit
(W x D)
1,453 mm x 770 mm (when the auxiliary tray and the multi-purpose tray are extended)
* Sift delivery: A3, B4, A4R, A4, B5R, B5, A5R, 11" x 17", LGL, LTRR, LTR, STMTR, EXEC, 8K, 16KR, 16K, and Custom size (139.7 mm x 182 mm to 297 mm x 487.7 mm)