Control Panel

This section describes the names and usage of the keys on the control panel.

Touch panel display

In addition to the settings screen for each function, the error status is also shown on this display. Using the Touch Panel Display

[Settings/Registration] key

Press to start specifying many of the settings for the machine, such as <Preferences> or <Set Destination>. Settings/Registration

Numeric keys ([0] - [9])

Press to enter numerical values. Entering Characters

[Energy Saver] key

Press to put the machine into sleep mode. The key lights up when the machine is in sleep mode. Entering Sleep Mode

Brightness Adjustment dial

Use to adjust the brightness of the touch panel display. Rotate the dial up to increase the brightness, and down to decrease.

Volume Settings key

Press to display the screen when you want to adjust the sound volume for the fax communication or to set the alarm sound when an error occurs. Setting Sounds

[Counter/Device Information] key

Press to display the total number of pages used for operations such as copying or printing on the touch panel display. You can also check the serial number and IP address of the machine, and the device information of optional products. Checking the Number of Pages for Copy/Print/Fax/Scan

[Clear] key

Press to clear entered values or characters.

[Stop] key

Stops a send job or a print job. Canceling Send/Print Jobs

Panel Touch Pen

Use when operating the touch panel display, such as to enter characters.

[Start] key

Press to start copying or scanning originals.

Error indicator

Blinks or lights up when an error such as a paper jam occurs.
If the Error indicator blinks, follow the instructions that appear on the touch panel display. Clearing Paper Jams
If the Error indicator maintains a steady red light, contact your local authorized Canon dealer.

Processing/Data indicator

Blinks while operations such as sending or printing are being performed. Lights up green when there are originals waiting to be processed.

[Reset] key

Press to cancel the settings and restore the previously specified settings.

ID (Log In/Out) key

Press this key to log in when personal authentication is necessary. After you finish using the machine, press this key again to log out. Logging into the Machine