Canceling Sending Faxes

You can cancel scanning originals or sending faxes that are being sent or waiting to be sent.

Canceling Scanning Originals

Press <Cancel> on the displayed screen or .
Press <Yes>.
Scanning originals is canceled.

Canceling Sending Faxes Being Sent or Waiting to Be Sent

Press <To Status Mntr.> on the displayed screen.
Press <Send> <Job Status>.
Select <Fax>.
A list of jobs being sent or waiting to be sent is displayed.
Select the job to cancel and press <Cancel>.
Press <Yes>.
Sending the fax is canceled.
To immediately cancel a job that is being sent
If you press on the control panel to cancel a fax job while it is being sent, the message <Is it OK to cancel the following Send job?> appears. Press <Yes> to cancel sending the fax.
You can select <Latest Received Job> or <Job Being Sent> to choose the job to cancel. <Job to Cancel When Stop is Pressed>
Press when there are multiple send jobs to display the screen for selecting the send job to cancel. If the send job you want to cancel is not displayed, press <Check Other Jobs> to display <Send Jobs>. Select the job that you want to cancel, and press <Cancel>.