Adjusting Print and Finish Quality

If you do not obtain acceptable print results, try the following types of correction.

Gradation Adjustment

If gradation reproducibility has become so poor that the printed gradation differs markedly from the print data, make adjustments to improve gradation reproducibility.
Adjusting Gradation

Density Correction

If the density of the printing is significantly different from the original document, this adjusts the scan density to be closer to the original.
Adjusting Density

Image Size Adjustment

If the size of the image copied is slightly different from the original, fine adjustment is performed so that the printed size more closely matches the size of the original.
Adjusting Image Size

Image Blurring Prevention Mode

Set this mode when image blurring occurs (when the image is faded or smudged) in environments with high temperature and humidity.
Reducing Image Blurring in High Humidity and High Temperature Environments

Productivity/Image Quality Priority for Hot Pressure Roller for Fix

Set this mode to shorten the standby time when the pressure roller for fixing is at high temperature in order to increase productivity.
Setting the Print Operation When the Pressure Roller for Fixing Is at High Temperature

Productivity/Image Quality Priority for Rotating Output

Set the print operation when rotating the output.
Setting the Print Operation When Rotating the Output