This section describes how to specify the copy settings.
<Register/Edit Favorite Settings>
  <Function Settings>  <Copy>
You can register a combination of settings frequently used when copying to a single button. You can also assign a name to the button. Registering a Combination of Frequently Used Functions
<Display Confirmation for Favorite Settings>
  <Function Settings>  <Copy>
You can select whether to display a confirmation screen when recalling "Favorite Settings."
<Change Default Settings>
  <Function Settings>  <Copy>
You can change the settings registered as default for the <Copy> function. Customizing the Basic Features Screen
<Register Options Shortcuts>
  <Function Settings>  <Copy>
You can register/change modes in the shortcut keys displayed on the Copy Basic Features screen. This feature is useful when you want to register functions frequently used from <Options> and <Favorite Settings>.
<Auto Collate>
  <Function Settings>  <Copy>
If this setting is set to <On>, the machine can automatically switch to <Collate (Page Order)> for the finishing mode when originals are placed in the feeder. This is useful when making multiple sets of copies, because you do not need to remember to select the Finishing mode.
<Auto Recognize Original Orientation>
  <Function Settings>  <Copy>
When this setting is set to <On>, the image to copy is automatically rotated 90 degrees according to the orientation of the paper if the orientation of the original differs from the orientation of the paper that is loaded in the machine.
<Speed Priority for Copying from Feeder>
  <Function Settings> <Copy>
You can give a priority to speed over accuracy when copying from feeder.
<Job Separator Between Groups>
  <Function Settings>  <Copy>
When copying two copies or more with <Group (Same Pages)> in <Finishing>, you can insert sheets between each page group. If you select <On>, select a paper source.