Replacement Parts

This section describes the replacement parts (consumables) used by the machine. Purchase the replacement parts from the authorized Canon dealer that you purchased the machine from. Follow the precautions when handling and storing the replacement parts.
Genuine Supplies
Canon has developed and manufactured Toner, Cartridge, and Parts specifically for use in this machine.
For optimal print quality and for optimal machine performance and productivity, we recommend that you use Genuine Canon Toner, Cartridge, and Parts.
Contact your Canon Authorized Dealer or Service Provider for Genuine Canon Supplies.
To handle and store the replacement parts, observe precautions in "Getting Started" provided with this product.
You can check the current amount of replaceable parts remaining. Checking the Remaining Amount of Consumables
To maintain print quality, the machine performs automatic calibration in accordance with changes in the environmental conditions. The machine may also perform automatic calibration when it is turned ON or recovers from sleep mode. Calibration uses the toner, and accordingly it may result in a decrease of lifetime of the toner cartridges.
The color toner cartridges are used even in black and white printing. Therefore, much use of black and white printing may also result in decrease in the remaining number of printable pages for each color.


Toner Cartridge for Replacement

For optimum print quality, using Canon genuine toner is recommended.
Canon Genuine Toner
Canon Toner T09 Black
Canon Toner T09 Yellow
Canon Toner T09 Magenta
Canon Toner T09 Cyan
Approx. 4.9 lb (2.2 kg)
Be careful of counterfeit toners
Please be aware that there are counterfeit Canon toners in the marketplace. Use of counterfeit toner may result in poor print quality or machine performance. Canon is not responsible for any malfunction, accident or damage caused by the use of counterfeit toner.
For more information, see
When replacing toner cartridges, see Replacing the Toner Cartridge.