High Volume Stack Mode

If your machine has multiple output trays, and is equipped with a finisher, you can fix the tray designation settings.
This mode can be set when the Staple Finisher-W PRO or Booklet Finisher-W PRO is attached. (See "Staple Finisher-W PRO/Booklet Finisher-W PRO/Puncher Unit-BT/" in the User's Guide.)
Press (Settings/Registration).
Press [Function Settings] → [Common] → [Paper Output Settings].
Press [High Volume Stack Mode].
Press [On] → [OK].
Select [Off] if you do not want to enable the High Volume Stack mode.

If High Volume Stack Mode is set to "On", the output order for Tray B is set to "1", so that a priority to Tray B cannot be changed. However, if the output order for Tray C is set to "1" when theHigh Capacity Stacker-H is attached, the priority is given to Tray C. Output Tray Designation
If High Volume Stack Mode is change from "On" to "Off", the output order is not changed. Output Tray Designation
The [High Volume Stack Mode] cannot be set while you are copying or printing.
If the Limited Functions Mode for a finisher is set to 'On', the High Volume Stack mode is not available.
If a Finishing mode is set, the output trays move downward as the stack of paper that is output increases in quantity and thickness. Once an output tray has reached its stacking limit, subsequent prints are automatically delivered to the next available tray. If all of the available trays have reached their stacking limits, printing stops temporarily. Remove all of the output paper from the trays. The trays move upward, and printing resumes.