Finisher Long Sheet Catch Tray-A

When printing on paper whose length for the feeding direction is longer than 762 mm, attach the Finisher Long Sheet Catch Tray-A to the Staple Finisher-W PRO/Booklet Finisher-W PRO.

Parts and Their Functions

Long sheet output tray
Attach this on the output side (to the finisher).
Extension long sheet output tray
Supports long sheet paper.
After the maintenance work is done, make sure to set back the extension long sheet output tray into place. Otherwise, paper jams occur, and the paper output cannot be performed properly.
For the paper whose length of the feeding direction is more than 762 mm, remove it from the tray as soon as the paper output is done. Wrinkle or crease may occur on the output paper depending on the paper type.
For the maintenance work on the trimmer, make sure to fold up the extension long sheet output tray to provide working space.