Additions and Changes for the Controller Version

The following major functions have been added or changed on this version.

Basic Operations

Supported types of paper have been added.
Synthetic (Polypropylene)
Synthetic (Polyester)

Optional Products

An optional product for this machine has been added.
Multi-drawer Paper Deck-D: When the Paper Deck Path Kit-A is equipped, the POD Deck Lite XL-A and Stack Bypass-C can be connected.


A function to set whether to load paper on Tray A when High Volume Stack Mode is set to [On]
The default setting for the Remote UI ON/OFF setting has been changed from [On] to [Off].

Paper Type Management

A function to to adjust the image position on long sheets
A function to display the screen with paper sources selected when the paper settings screen or paper type management settings screen is shown on the display