Cautions When Printing a PostScript File From the Driver UI

If you print a PostScript file output from an application with the driver UI, the printed result may not be as intended, depending on the settings used. If the result is not as intended, when outputting the PostScript file from the application, use the default print settings.
Several examples of settings are given below, with expected results when the same setting is used in both the application and the driver.
Setting Content
Expected Result
[Page Layout]
4 pages per sheet
Because [4 Pages per Sheet] is set and then printed as [4 Pages per Sheet], the printed result resembles [16 Pages per Sheet].
[Print Range]-[Page Range]
If the document is 5 pages, only pages 1 and 3 are printed.
[Print Pages]
Odd number pages/Even number pages
If the document is 10 pages, only pages 1, 5, and 9 are printed.
[Reverse Order]
Reverse order is executed twice, resulting in the actual output order being normal.
In the case of a 10-page document, 40 pages (10 pages x 2 x 2) are printed.
If you set multiple copies for the number of [Copies] to be printed, depending on the application, a PostScript file consisting of only part of the page data may be created. If this happens, even if you specify multiple copies in both the application and the driver UI, only the number of copies specified in the application will be printed.