Numeric Keypad

Attaching a Numeric Keypad to the machine allows you to use the keypad keys instead of certain buttons on the touch panel display. Note that when you are using Voice Navigation, you must attach the Numeric Keypad to the machine beforehand.

Home key

Press to display the <Home> screen on which buttons for the basic functions are placed. Using the Touch Panel Display

Volume Settings key

Press to display the screen when you want to adjust the sound volume for the fax communication or to set the alarm sound when an error occurs. Setting Sounds

Voice Navigation key

Press to start or end Voice Navigation. This key lights up when Voice Navigation is in use. To use Voice Navigation, you must attach the optional Voice Operation Kit or Voice Guidance Kit. For information on operating the machine using Voice Navigation, refer to the option guide.

Numeric keys ([0] to [9])

Press to enter numerical values. Entering Characters

Clear key

Press to clear entered values or characters.

Reset key

Press to cancel the settings and restore the previously specified settings.

Stop key

Stops a send job or a print job. Canceling Send/Print Jobs

Start key

Press to start copying or scanning documents.

Log In/Out key

Press this key to log in when personal authentication is necessary. After you finish using the machine, press this key again to log out. Logging into the Machine