Adding a Digital Signature to Sent Files

By adding a digital signature to a scanned document that is sent in a particular file format, you can certify that the document has not been altered and is guaranteed by the creator. The machine can add a device signature to documents.
Device Signature
The device signature uses a key and certificate mechanism, enabling the recipient of a scanned document to verify that it was created on this machine. The recipient can check what machine was used to create the document, as well as whether the document has been altered. Before you can add a device signature, the key and certificate (device certificate) used for the device signature needs to be created on the machine. Generating a Device Signature Certificate
For information on validating certificates, registering certificates in the trusted certificates list, and verifying signatures on the reader side, see the documentation for the software that supports the PDF format (such as Adobe Reader/Adobe Acrobat).
Displaying a digital signature (visible signature)
Digital signature information can be displayed on the first page of the document, making it easy for the reader to see that a digital signature has been added. Only PDF documents support visible signatures. Adding a Digital Signature