Managing MEAP Applications

In addition to checking details and changing settings, you can upgrade MEAP applications or uninstall applications by using the SMS from the Remote UI.
While you are operating on the SMS screen, do not use the [Back] button on your Web browser, the SMS screen may not operate properly.
Log in to the Remote UI. Starting the Remote UI
Click [Service Management Service] on the portal page.
Configure the settings on the SMS screen.
[Device Serial Number: <Serial Number>]
The machine's serial number is displayed. Use this number when acquiring a license file. Acquiring the License File
If you click an item, the management page for the item appears.
[MEAP Application Management]: The management of installed MEAP applications is mainly performed on this page.
[Install MEAP Application]: A page for the installation and update of MEAP applications is displayed. Installing MEAP Applications
[System Management]: A page for managing applications and information related to the MEAP system is displayed.
[Resource Information]
Displays the usage amount, remaining amount, and the usage rate of storage device space as well as memory that is used by a MEAP application and system applications.
[MEAP Application Management]
Displays a MEAP application name and its version, the date of update, operation status, and the license status.
If you click a MEAP application name, detailed information such as the company's name and the memory usage amount for each application is displayed. License management is performed from here. Managing MEAP Application Licenses
For the operation status, one of the following is displayed.
If you click the [Start] / [Stop] button located on the right side of the operation status, you can start/stop the use of the MEAP application.
If you click [Uninstall], the MEAP application is uninstalled.
For the license status, one of the following is displayed.
[To Portal]/[Log Out]
Click to display the portal page of the Remote UI or the login screen of the Remote UI.
Starting or stopping the use of a MEAP application
Configuring the MEAP application's authentication information
Uninstalling a MEAP application
When you finish the operation, click [Log Out].
When you close the SMS, make sure to log out. If you close the Web browser without logging out, you cannot use the SMS for some time.