2-Sided Double Pass Feeder

Original set indicator

Lights up when originals are placed in the original supply tray.

Feeder cover

Open this cover when removing paper jammed in the feeder. Paper Jams in the Feeder

Slide guides

Adjust these guides according to the width of an original.

Original supply tray

Originals placed here are automatically fed into the feeder. When two or more sheets are loaded, originals can be scanned continuously. Placing Originals

Document feed scanning area

Originals placed in the feeder are scanned in this area.

Platen glass

When scanning books, thick originals, thin originals, and other originals that cannot be scanned using the feeder, place them on the platen glass. Placing Originals

Original stopper

Lightly holds down originals so that they are output neatly. You do not need to manually adjust its position.

Original output tray

Scanned originals are output here.

Original output indicator

To prevent originals from being left in the original output tray, this indicator lights while the originals are being output, and blinks for a while after all the originals have been output.
If a thick original such as a book or magazine is placed on the platen glass, do not press down hard on the feeder.
Do not place any objects in the original output area. Doing so may cause damage to the originals.
Regularly clean the feeder and platen glass in order to obtain proper print results. Regular Cleaning