Overview of the Inspection System

The inspection system is a system for automatically inspecting the printing quality of output paper based on master images and settings.
The entire system which is composed of the unit and software (Inspection Tool) required for inspecting the print quality and the printer, controller, etc. needed for printing is referred to as the inspection system.
The person who issues printing instructions creates an inspection job by using the Inspection Tool. The inspection job contains the master images and inspection standard settings. The person who performs printing tasks executes inspection jobs created by the person who issues printing instructions and confirm the inspection results.

Overview of the Inspection Tool

The Inspection Tool is software that is used to perform inspection of output paper. The Inspection Tool can perform the following tasks.
Creating inspection jobs
Creating master images
Scan the images to be inspected into the Inspection Tool to create the images to use as the basis for inspection, based on images with no quality problems. You can create an inspection job for each print job.
Setting inspection standards
Set the inspection standards for determining whether there are problems in the quality.
Executing inspection jobs
The Inspection Tool scans the image that was output to the paper and compares it to the master image. If the comparison result exceeds the inspection standards, it is judged that there are no problems in the quality.
Managing inspection jobs
Existing inspection jobs can be managed from the management screen. The inspection results can also be output as a report.