System Configuration

The device configuration of the inspection system is shown below.


Executes and manages print jobs for creating master images and for inspection.

POD Deck

This is a multi-drawer cassette that has multiple paper sources.


This is the production printer itself. In this manual, this is referred to as the "printer".

Inspection Tool

This is an application that compares the images on the output paper with the master images and inspects whether or not there are quality problems.

Inspection Unit

This is the device for scanning 2-sided images of the output paper. It sends the image data to the Inspection Tool.

High Capacity Stacker (Option)

This is a stacker that can hold a large amount of output paper. Output paper with quality problems is ejected to the top tray of the High Capacity Stacker, and output paper with no problems is ejected to the specified output destination.
Refer to the instruction manual of the printer for details on options such as the finishers that can be connected to the High Capacity Stacker.